How It Works for Talents

Find creative projects that perfectly-matched your language, tone, and style with minimal hassle

Create a Profile, Display Your Work

Create a profile where you can display all the creative work you offer.

Upload unlimited demos and portfolio samples that showcase your best work, giving clients an accurate idea of your capabilities.

  • Keep all your creative voice-over or audio production samples hosted for free
  • Showcase your previous project work history, client list, and testimonials for social proof

Get Discovered, We Help Handle the Work

When a client hires you, we help you maintain control over the work. You can approve project details before starting, while our admins communicate with the client and deliver the result. 

handle revisions, and deliver your work.

  • Less hassle in the administration process
  • Receive ratings and reviews
  • Build a client base for improved credibility and reputation

Get Paid

As you work, your payment is securely held by Voissee and will be automatically released to you via PayPal once the work is complete, with the added benefit of us covering the PayPal fees on your behalf.

  • Monitor payment statuses to remain informed about when you’ll receive payment
  • Request and receive additional payments for new client requests or revisions that fall outside of the project’s scope